3M Personal Safety Be-10-3, Air-Mate White Respirator Hood

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3M Personal Safety, BE-10-3, Air-Mate White Respirator Hood, Poly Coated 3 in Case Features: Double bib hood US OSHA APF of 1000 This lightweight, comfortable respirator hood helps provide respiratory protection for a wide range of applications

Potential benefits include Certain PAPR systems provide a higher level of respiratory protection than non-powered air filtering Respirator Constant flow of air can provide cooling for the worker, resulting in greater comfort for the wearer Loose-fitting headgear options provide respiratory protection without the need for a tight faceseal or fit testing Battery-powered blower pulls the air through the filter resulting in no additional breathing resistance to the wearer

Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR are motorized systems powered by a battery pack which draw air through a filter or cartridge to provide respiratory protection to the wearer

The blower unit can be mounted on the waist, face, or head, depending on the system selected

Used with 3M trade Air-Mate trade and Breathe Easy trade Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR and 3M trade Supplied Air Hood Systems BE-Series