Globally Harmonized System Pm1162Rh, "high Pressure Nitrogen" Sheet And Pipe Marker

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GHS Safety, PM1162RH, High Pressure Nitrogen Plastic Sheet and Straps Pipe Marker for Over 10" Dia Wrap Around Pipe Marker Pipe markers are an important part of safety markings in your facility

How To Apply Snap On Markers Uncoil Around Pipe Wrap Around Into Position

Manufactured using a rigid PVC vinyl base stock with a UV fade and abrasion resistant coated print

Our coil wrap pipe markers offer an excellent way to quickly and easily mark your pipes

Simply uncoil the marker, apply to pipe and it will coil back around without having to clean or prep the pipe surface

These markers easily help emergency responders and your staff quickly identify hazards and pipe contents

These markers offer 360 degree viewing and have directional flow arrows included in the printing to speed installation times