Ams 59020, Field Vane Shear Tester Kit

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Take direct readings of shear strength to depths up to 10 ft (3 meters) in soft to stiff clays

Includes Torque head assembly, six 6 extensions rods, three 3 vane 0.63 quot x 1.25 quot 16 x 32 mm, 0.79 quot x 1.58 quot 20 x 40 mm, 1 quot x 2 quot 25.4 x 50.8 mm , skin friction probe, double-ended wrench, leather carrying pouch

Material stainless steel and anodized aluminum

The cross handle is used both to push the vane to the desired test depth and apply the shearing torque

The peak vane value is determined by a calibrated scale ring built into the head assembly

Three 3 vane sizes allow for the direct determination of un-drained shear strength of soft to stiff clays

To correct for the skin friction of the extension rods, a dummy probe replaces the vane and a skin friction test is performed adjacent to the vane test location