Isehan - Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner 02 Brown

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Brand from Japan: ISEHAN

A protruding type that can be used without cutting

Blur tip included

Combination ingredients such as collagen, chamomile extract moisturizing ingredient , camellia oil, squalane emollient ingredient

How to use Ajust the lead to 2mm, draw along lashes from inner to outer corner slightly draw at lower outer corner and then brush it to give better result.

It is a pencil eyeliner that keeps a beautiful eye line for a long time

It is a water proof type which is resistant to sweat and water, it is hard to bleed, keeps beautiful eyes for a long time

It is easy to blur, and it finishes it more natural eyes

Naturally tightens the eyes with beautiful coloring

Since it is a thin core, delicate lines can be drawn easily